Tom 25 UK. lover of tuna, hater of strawberries. ~My kpop bias list~ Ultimate bias : Amber liu SNSD bias : Sunny ~~~ f(x) bias : Victoria ~~~ BigBang bias : T.O.P ~~~ EXO Bias : Kai~~~~~ 2NE1 bias : undecided between minzy and bom~~~ anyone from snsd could have been my bias, sunny just edges it...i think...i change my mind alot with them
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A Hello Project horror movie involving all the members secretly trying to convince gaki-san that eripon is evil, but she doesn’t believe them since everytime she’s around eripon is a sweetheart. It becomes eripon’s evil plot to kill each and every member till it’s just her and gaki-san. it all begins with poisoning riho’s cider, but  how long will it be until gaki-san shouts “USO!” and eripon’s evil plans are overreactively discovered?